Questions you’re about to be asked during your UX job interview

Veronika Kyjak
4 min readOct 22, 2021

As a part of a growing UX team, I’ve happened to sit at the interviewing table (or behind a computer screen, to be precise👩‍💻) many times during the last nearly two years, talking to plenty of inspiring designers. I believe that thanks to this opportunity I’ve learned to ask the right questions and created my own checklist of what topics we should cover to make the decision on our side.

What needs to be stated here is that our company is not really the come-and-go type of environment and our retention rate of designers is nearly 90% (calculated as an average for the last 3 years) which means we choose our colleagues carefully.

That being said, the company’s responsible for the right choice of the candidate. But I firmly believe it’s not one-sided and it should be a dialog, really. We hope to attract people who also search for their best fit. Make sure you think about your position and what you want to get from the job. Think about the questions beforehand and ask about anything that’s important to you. No question is wrong.

Hiring process is a dialog and you’re responsible for a good choice just as the company is.

So what are the questions we hope to help us find the best candidate?

Disclaimer numero 1: mentioned questions and tips aren't there because we want you to craft those answers in order to please us. If you've ever been to any UX job interview or not, it’s always a good idea to revise your standpoint and opinions beforehand so you show up somewhat prepared.

Disclaimer numero 2: job interviews, approaches, questions, etc. definitely differ. This article covers just my own experience and how we currently do it in Kentico.🙃

Let’s dive in, shall we?

The motivation

All the hows and whys.

Why do you want to join us?

Why do we ask? We’re curious about your shift, motivation to leave your current job, or switching careers. Explaining your thinking behind the scenes helps us get to know you and your ambitions.

What do you know about us and…