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My Top 10 Favorite Tools as a Product Designer

Veronika Kyjak
5 min readJun 1


In addition to the essential communication tools like Slack, Google Meet, or Zoom, I’d like to share my favorite tools that I’ve been extensively using as a product designer. Let’s dive in!

1. Figma — Creating Flows, Visuals, and UI Library

Figma is my go-to tool for designing flows, visuals, and managing UI libraries. While I’ve used other tools like XD and Sketch in the past, Figma stands out for its ease of use and robust features such as auto layout and design system management. It also excels in collaboration, allowing seamless teamwork with my colleagues.

Figma interface
Source: UX Planet

2. VWO — Powerful A/B Testing

VWO (Visual Website Optimizer) is an amazing tool for conducting powerful A/B tests. It enables me to make extensive design changes without the need for a developer and provides valuable data on how different designs perform. Whenever there’s a discussion about why certain design choices were made, I rely on data rather than blindly making changes.

Visual Website (WVO) optimizer interface
Source: Capterra

3. Loom — Show-Don’t-Tell with Videos

Loom is a fantastic Chrome extension that allows me to create videos with just a few clicks. I use Loom to walk through new features or demonstrate functionalities to my team or sales representatives. When my Slack posts start becoming lengthy, I find it more effective to create a short video. Loom adds a human touch to communication, which is particularly valuable when working asynchronously or in remote/hybrid work settings.

Loom gif
Source: School of Motion

4. Metabase — Data-Driven Decision Making

Metabase is my go-to tool for data-driven decision-making. It serves as a self-service analytics platform accessible to anyone in…



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